3 Month Beginner Course for $199

Hey Everyone,

What an interesting time we are living in. In the future all time travel machines will have a warning not to visit 2020!

Life is little more than work then home. We are missing our friends and families.  Now more than ever we need to care for our health. KSK is ready ! We have made adjustments to our curriculum to allow for no touch training. we are spending more time on striking, perfecting our rolls and fall and spending more time on general fitness.  I miss throwing and rolling as much as you! But until we get the “all clear” from the Health Dept we will be taking every precaution we can to train in a safe, fun, effective and healthy environment.

To make coming back easier we are offering a 3 month special to our returning students. $199 for three months of training. With a free uniform. (just in case your gi got a little tight during time off)

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

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Free Uniform ($65 value) Free Uniform ($65 value)
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