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69th Annual AJJF National Convention April 28-30, 2017 Ontario, California

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69th Annual AJJF National Convention
Junanshin – Malleable Mind
April 28-30, 2017
Ontario, California


As you know Kenshokan and our sister school Lawndale jujitsu have been chosen to host the AJJF's national convention.

Convention is an amazing experience for both kids and adults, regardless of rank. Students will get to train with the Professors and Senior Instructors of the AJJF.

As a student of mine students once remarked. "Convention is like getting in a month of training over a weekend".

In addition to three days of instruction and comradery there will be two tournaments!  


2017 AJJF National Freestyle Contest


Welcome to the AJJF National Freestyle Contest to be held at the 69th Annual National Convention in Ontario, California. The contest is for the men, women of the AJJF Yonkyu and up (green belt and up) and children age 7-12. The contest will be held during the lunchtime hours on Saturday April 29th ALL ENTRANTS MUST BE AJJF REGISTRANTS.


Registration for this contest is via snail mail or at convention, please try and pre-register.




2017 AJJF National Danzan Ryu Grappling Contest


Danzan Ryu Ohana,

I am excited to announce that registration for the first AJJF National Grappling event will be held this April 30th. The event is open to current members AJJF & Danzan Ryu.

Please visit our event page to register http://www.ajjf.org/national-convention/grappling-contest/


Please review the rules and scoring rubric:

Tournament Rules:




Quick Guide & Scoring Rubric :




The most important thing to remember is that this is a DZR event and it is of the utmost importance that we maintain our spirit of ohana and kokua. 
I would love to hear from everyone on the rules and thoughts on the event.
I plan on putting out a video with the rules explained.

In the meantime please become familiar with the rules for the event.  

I'll see you on the mat.


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