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  • New Testimonial, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    This review is long, long , long overdue. I feel ashamed that it took me so long to share our wonderful experience at KSK Martial Arts. My son had been attending this amazing place since  3 rd grade. Greg and Tammy became his second family. They were picking him up from school, did jujitsu training and helped him with his homework.  On top of it, my son attended their summer and winter camps as well. I always felt that my son was in good hands and well taken care of.  If you are looking for a great martial arts school for you kids, take them to KSK Martial Arts!!!!!

    New Testimonial
  • Patrice C, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    My sons are 11 and 14 and they look forward to each jujitsu class at KSK dojo so much. It is one of the best things I have done for my kids. For their health, confidence and happiness.

    Patrice C
  • New Testimonial, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    True story guys!! These people are some of the best people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and they are amazing with the kids. LOVE KSK Martial Arts Academy sooooo much!

    It's not just advertisement... we really love you guys and other than our AMAZING daycare lady that had them as babies, we've never felt so comfortable leaving our children in anyone's care like we did with you guys. And as a mom, that's EVERYTHING...


    Christy M.

    New Testimonial
  • Zachary K, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I have been part of this dojo for almost ten years now. To this day I look forward to coming to class. The instructor is not only an accomplished martial artist, but a great teacher and valued friend. Being part of the dojo makes me feel like being part of a bigger family. I am greeted with a smile and a hello. When I walk in everyone knows me by my name. This is not a dojo factory that just pops out black belts. I truly value every lesson I have learned. I would not trade the knowledge I have gained for anything in the world.

    Zachary K
  • Avi R, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Great place to grow within a caring environment and friendship.

    Avi R
  • Eddie F, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Best martial arts instructors in town. Phenomenal kids program and adult classes.

    Eddie F
  • David C, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I can't say enough about Sensei Greg and the staff at KSK. Jujitsu has been such a great experience for my boys. It gives them a controlled environment to release that "boy energy", they learn discipline and respect, it builds self confidence, they learn self defense/anti bullying tricks and best of all they have fun. Sensei demands respect without being a heavy handed task master. He makes working out fun. And most importantly I think he really likes the kids in his program. As a parent you really can't ask for more. Seeing the successes my kids have had through jujitsu has really been rewarding. There are a lot of McDojos out there. KSK is not that, it is an "old school" dojo teaching the finest aspects of martial arts. I would not take my boys anywhere else.

    David C
  • Alan R, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I'm 44 yrs old and I've been taking classes at KSK. I wanted to wait a year before I wrote this review. I've done martial arts off and on for many years now, Wing Chun and Escrima, and I can honestly say this dojo is a great place to learn. Sensei Greg and the staff teach not only a traditional martial art but also its practical usage. Promotions are based on actual student knowledge and performance and every effort is made to make sure you are ready. The emphasis here is respect, technique, confidence, and camaraderie. I'm glad I found this place, this style of martial art and this team. Now I have my son going here and enjoy watching him flourish.

    Alan R
  • Google User, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I started studying martial arts (ju-jitsu) a few years ago with assumptions about being "too old" to start. I started in my late twenties and am now in my early thirties. At get-togethers I've met some folks that started in their forties and fifties. Kenshokan is a great environment for learning self-defense, self-respect and respect for your community. It can be a good work out too. This is a very family and kid friendly environment too. I am not just a happy customer, yet a proud member.

    Google User
  • Google User, KSK Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Kenshokan is a wonderful dojo its fun and you practice jujitsu and have fun

    Google User

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